Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Top Ten Books of 2015

I'm trying to be more consistent in my blog posts, so I've decided to take part in Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's theme is...

Top Ten Books of 2015 - The best books I read this year

1. Winter - by Marissa Meyer
This is the latest book I've read to make the list, and it really was great. I only started reading the Lunar Chronicles earlier this year and didn't have as long of a wait for the final book, but it still felt like forever. Winter is a very fitting conclusion to a fantastic series and if you haven't read it yet, you really should!

2. None of the Above - by I.W. Gregorio
I just reviewed this book, but I can't emphasize enough how important I think it is. I'm all for LGBT+ themes in novels and None of the Above is fairly unique in featuring an intersex protagonist. This book manages to merge contemporary, YA fiction (complete with high school drama) with a touching, but also very educational, story about what it's like to suddenly discover you are intersex.

3. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - by Becky Albertalli
Another LGBT+ book that I cannot say enough good things about. Simon is a great protagonist and so funny as a narrator. This book has an important message, but it manages to come across as a fun, light read at the same time. 

4. His Majesty's Dragon - by Naomi Novik
I haven't quite finished my review of this book, but I am seriously obsessed with the Temeraire series. Combining the Napoleonic Wars with dragons? It´s genius! On top of that, the dragons are extremely intelligent and have their own place as characters in the book. Novik's representation of dragons really sold this book for me.

5. Skellig - by David Almond
I never actually reviewed this book, but I really did love it. I found this when I was making an effort to read more of the j-fiction section at my library. Skellig is the perfect example of magical realism for kids. I also highly recommend the audiobook, narrated by the author.

6. The Water Knife - by Paolo Bacigalupi
I went into this book not even realizing that it was a science fiction novel and it really exceeded my expectations. The science in this book is rock solid, and that's one thing I really look for in science fiction. On top of that, the characters in this book are so well developed and the plot moves along at a great pace.

7. Monstrous Beauty - by Elizabeth Fama
Another book that I really underestimated. I was expecting a fun, YA novel with mermaids and was impressed by how mature the story is. And really, this book tells two, interwoven stories - with one plotline taking place in the modern day and another set in the late 19th century. I was really impressed by Fama's beautiful writing and how well she transitions between the two time periods.

8. The Diviners - by Libba Bray
This book has all the fun of 1920's New York and all the creepiness that comes with a supernatural serial killer. The language in this book really brings out the 1920's setting and the audio book is amazing. The Diviners is definitely not a horror novel but is plenty spooky nonetheless. Also an honorable mention to the sequel Lair of Dreams.

9. The Raven Boys - by Maggie Stiefvater
This book, and the whole series so far, is amazing! Great characters, plenty of mythology, and a romance that I can totally get behind. Would more could I want? Just the next book....

10. Because I Am Furniture - Thalia Chaltas
I read this book for a young adult services class and never got around to a review, but it really stuck with me. The story of Anke and her family trying to deal with an abusive father is absolutely heartbreaking. This is a novel in verse, which I don't usually read, but there are some really beautiful sections in this book.


  1. Stiefvater is one of my favorite authors right now! :)

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    1. Same here, I just wish she would finish The Raven King faster!